Cláudia is a 29-year-old Azorean woman who lives in Iceland. 

She is a Certified Christian Life Coach with a prophetic anointing and a passion for the deliverance ministry.

Cláudia desires to help women worldwide heal from trauma and experience freedom in all areas of their lives so they can fully step into what God has called them to do.


Kelsi is a 25 year old mama & wife living on the east coast of Canada. She has a passion for inviting women to seek breakthrough wholeheartedly— and helping them become who God has called them to be. 

Her heart is to be led by the Holy Spirit to meet in vulnerability, pray, be an accountability partner, help with goal-setting, healing of wounds, and closeness with Christ. God called her to take a 1 year Christian Counseling course, sozo inner healing training, as well as a certification in Christian Life Coaching.


Being a 32 year old wife and working mama herself, Lori understands the demands of career, spiritual and personal growth in a woman’s life in today’s day and age. She’s been coaching women in corporate since 2018. In 2023 the Lord called her to start ‘The Holy Girl Diaries’- online ministry after completing her Christian Life Coaching Certificate, while being on maternity leave with her second child. 

Her coaching approach is about holistic personal growth in the Spirit. She aims to help women uncover their true potential, break through barriers, and find freedom and healing in Christ.


As an experienced doula and certified NFP (Natural Family Planning) expert, Lucie’s mission is to empower women to embark on a deeply transformative journey. With our female coach Lucie, we’ll explore how our remarkable female biology can serve as a pathway to discovering our identity in Christ and experiencing the profound love of our Heavenly Father.

1:1 coaching

EUR 100

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60 Min undivided attention and full support.
book individually and on demand.

Annual plan

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EUR 1 a day to experience the transformation you desire

1:1 coaching

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60 Min undivided attention and full support. book individually and on demand

1:1 coaching &

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bi-weekly 1:1 Coaching Session & full access to all mentorship teaching, tools, templates and community chats